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Week 14
Where's the Heartbeat?!

This week was not one of my better weeks emotionally. On Wednesday afternoon, I went to the OB for my normal prenatal visit. They went on with their normal procedure of checking my blood pressure, my weight, and getting a basic overview about how I was feeling. All was well there. My blood pressure was stable at 140/80, and my weight was down a pound. I am feeling pretty good for the most part. I still throw up in the mornings first thing, but I do not feel sick all day long. I am still on the tired side, but I think that is to be expected after chasing around five children all day long. :)

Anyway, the last thing that they do is to check for the heartbeat via doppler. Now mind you, I have not heard the heartbeat yet, only seen it on an early ultrasound. The nurse seemed fairly new and she could not find it. I was not too worried at this point. She called in another nurse, and she could not find it either. Then they sent me to the sonogram tech. They asked her to just scan the heart and make sure that everything was okay. As I am walking to the sonogram room, I can feel myself starting to sweat and panic. What if something is wrong with my baby? Can I handle ANOTHER loss? I can feel myself starting to sweat and feel very hot. As I got on the table, I began to hyperventilate and panic. Please GOD, let there be a baby in there. PLEASE! As the tech scanned me, I could see the head come into focus every now and then. At least my baby is growing, I thought. I looked at the screen and saw a baby in there, but no heart beat. At this point, the baby started wiggling all over as if to tell me that everything was okay. I finally saw what resembled a movement where the heart should be but it seemed awfully slow. I started to stress again. Was the heart beating fast enough? The tech asked me to hold my breath so that she could run a strip. As she did this, I still wondered if it was ok. The final result showed that the heartbeat was a healthy 166 beats per minute! Phew! I started to relax. (The thought even crossed my mind that maybe this was a girl since Rachel's heartbeat was always high.)

The rest of the visit was uneventful as I spent a few minutes talking with my OB. He was able to feel my uterus for the first time and measured me to be right on target at 14 weeks. The next visit is scheduled for two weeks, and I will also be having my AFP test after my visit.

At least for now, I can relax a little and know that so far, my baby is growing and thriving.

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