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Week 17
Meeting Old Friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting 10 people that have been so dear to my heart for the last two years. These ladies have been there through thick and thin, in good times and in bad times. I met them through Prodigy when I became pregnant with Ryan. We met in Atlantic City for the weekend, and it was such a fun time. It makes me realize just how important peers and friends are during such an emotional time in your life ~ a time when you really do need someone to talk to just to make sure that things are going all right or to ease your fears about something you think may be wrong. Friends are so important to moms.

The baby has been active. I am still feeling just flutters, no real movement per se. Nevertheless, I know the baby is thriving. Today I am having a lot of discomforts - horrible pains in my upper and lower back and well as some discomfort in my lower abdomen and a tummy ache. I think that I am stretching down there. :) Tylenol does not seem to ease the discomfort at all. The daycare kids (as well as my son) are wild and ornery today making it even harder to lay down and rest. It is a bit humid today making it feel a little uncomfortable. I am still throwing up in the morning although I really am not feeling sick at any other time. I've had more frequent urination the past couple of days as well.

I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of a new baby although the moms on Prodigy's "Ask a Lactation Consultant" are reminding me by their conversations that I am going to be up every hour at night again. <G> All in all, I cannot wait! I am almost 1/2 way there!! YEAH!!!

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