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Week 18
Maternity Clothes

I had an OB appointment this week and asked my OB about the back pain that I had. He said that it sounds like I injured it somehow. He felt around and based on the sore areas, he said that it does not sound like anything serious. He told me that I could take Advil or Tylenol. I have not really had problems with it since, so I am guessing that he is right. I have an 11 month old in daycare that is almost 28 pounds. I try not to carry him around, but I did the other day. That is probably what injured me.

I have had a really stuffy head, sneezing, watery eyes and a headache on and off for the past week. I am guessing that it is allergies since I feel pretty good other than that. I have a "pimply" rash on my left forearm that extends up through the side of my thumb. I am not sure what this is and forgot to ask my OB at my appointment. I noticed that it is on my other arm as well now. I think I was call tomorrow and ask about this.

I am feeling a bit discouraged this week as well. I see pregnant women that really look pregnant. I, on the other hand, just look fat. It is depressing. I ordered my fall maternity clothes this week, and I am hoping that I will look more pregnant in them. I love looking pregnant, just not fat. :(

The baby is active, although not as active as when I first felt movement. The heartbeat is getting easier to find at each appointment. It remained at 160 this week. Dr. Bates says that I am measuring about 19.5 weeks at this point. I am right on schedule.

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