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Week 19
Popping Out

What a long dragged out week this has been . . . seems like it took forever to get over with. I am really busy with day care this week. I had 7-8 kids all week long, and it has really taken its toll. I would not normally ever have this many. On an average day, I have 4-5 kids, but the first two weeks in September are transition months. Headstart does not start up until the middle of September, and I have two kids that will be attending. In the meantime, I have two new kids who started the first of September. It will be nice to get the two older ones in Headstart next week. Not to mention the four year old that I watch is really into hitting and kicking this week, and I cannot get it through his head that that is NOT okay behavior. The problem is that the parents encourage that kind of "play" at home.

The pregnancy is coming right along. I am starting to show more and more. I feel like I have "popped" out a little this week. The baby is moving, but I would not say that he/she is active. I have been having headaches this week, and I also have some kind of prickly rash on my arm that I have no idea where it came from. I see my OB next week so I am hoping that he can shed some light on things.

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