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Week 22
It's a . . .

I had an OB appointment this week and everything looks great so far. The baby's heartbeat is around 140, and they had no trouble finding it at all. My weight gain is 6 pounds so far, and my doctor thinks that is fine. My blood pressure seemed to stay low up until today. When I went to see the perinatologist for my sonogram, I told him that I had been having some headaches and feeling kinda "blah" for the last couple of days. When he took my blood pressure, it was 147/90, which is on the high side. The peri basically told me to keep an eye on it and to follow up with my regular OB in regards to this.

Anyway, everything at my normal OB appointment went fine. I am measuring about 24.5 cm now which is a little ahead of schedule but considering my weight, it is probably just about right. I talked to the OB about getting a flu shot this year, and he suggested that I do, but he wanted me to talk to my perinatologist about it first and get his opinion. He ordered another 24 hour urine test and some blood work just to have a second trimester baseline.

Now on to some more exciting news!! I am officially about 22.5 weeks pregnant now, and I found out some news today that I cannot wait to tell! I saw my peri today and all is well with the baby GIRL!!! He gave her thumbs up and said that she is growing well. It was really hard to see her "parts," but the peri said that he is "pretty sure" that it is a girl. The baby is about 12-14 ounces now and measuring normal on everything. He did mention that the femur and the abdomen are on the small side, but they are still normal for gestation. The baby was very active and was constantly moving her hands and her legs everywhere! In fact, the peri was having a heck of a time trying to monitor the blood flow from the cord to the baby because she would not keep her legs still and was kicking the cord all over! <G> He was concerned a bit at first because the blood flow did not look very well diastolically. What this means, as he explained to me, is that there may be a problem with the placenta based on the readings that he was getting. After taking several readings, he began to get more comfortable with what he was seeing and decided that everything looked normal. He asked me to come back for another sonogram in about two weeks just to make sure that things are on track. Other than that, the baby is fine and he said that if a biophysical profile was done (which they do not really do this early in the pregnancy), the baby would get an 8 out of 10. Not bad! :)

Anyway, we are looking at adding a little girl to our family. I am really excited about this! Brad seems excited but I think he was hoping for another boy. I know that he will love her just the same when she is born. Now I cannot wait to go out and buy all those little pink dresses!! :)

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