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Week 23
Doing Good!

Well, it looks like the blood pressure thing may have been just a fluke. Let's hope. So far so good, this week my blood pressure has stayed at low levels, and I am feeling pretty good. I have had some cramping, but not too bad. The baby is active, although I am going to say less active than last week. I think that a lot of the cramping that I am having is due to stretching and conforming muscles and ligaments.

The baby is getting bigger. I was able to feel the baby move by feeling my tummy this week for the first time. It was neat because Brad and I were in bed together just kind of laying there, and she started to move around. I was feeling my stomach, and I noticed the movements on my hand. I told Brad to place his hands there as well, and he was able to feel her move around. It is a neat sensation.

I had an OB appointment today and everything still looks great. I have gained 10 pounds as of now and my blood pressure today in the office was 128/70. The baby's heartrate was found without a problem at 148. I am measuring about 26 cm now. I am having some mild to moderate swelling in my hands and my ankles so I need to take notice of that and watch my salt intake. I am feeling really good.

We went to Baltimore, Maryland this weekend to visit my sister in law and her boyfriend. We had a great time except that Ryan was rotten all weekend. <BG> He was just very cranky and ornery all weekend. We went to the National Aquarium of Baltimore, and they have a no stroller rule and that was a real test! Ryan would not stay in the backpacks that they provided and would only allow me to carry him. He got really tired and wanted to nap, but couldn't. It was harsh for him, I think. No sooner did we get out of the building and get him in the stroller, did he fall asleep. Poor guy. Other than that, it was a great time. My back was killing me the next day from carrying his 27 pounds of weight all day!

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