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Week 24
Meet Miss Lauren!

What a week this has been! My mother went to have a hysterectomy on Friday and ended up tearing out her internal stitches on Monday as she was getting ready to leave the hospital. She had to go back into the OR and get stitched back up. She now has to be in the hospital another 3 days. I hope that she recovers well. She seems to be so under the weather. I would like to be spending more time with her in the hospital but last night Ryan was diagnosed with Coxsackie Virus, and I do not want to expose her to that while she is healing. Ryan has been fairly grumpy all week long and not sleeping, not eating well, whiney, and slapping/pulling at his ears. I took him to his pediatrician yesterday and he said that he was fine. Well, around 5 PM last night, I noticed that he had blisters all over his tongue. A couple were the size of a dime. I got scared and called the pediatrician back. Since my normal office was not on call, another office called me back and told me that I should call my pediatrician in the am....Well, that was not good enough for me so I took him to the urgent care center where he was diagnosed with this virus. It is the same virus that causes hand, mouth, and foot disease. He has really bad blisters in his mouth and it is hard for him to eat or drink. I will be glad when he recovers from this.

I was concerned that I might be affected by this so I talked to my perinatologist. He told me that as long as I do not get the virus, my baby will not get it. If I should get it, I will need a sonogram to check the baby and also that there is a chance that the baby could be born with the virus and need special care. I am just praying that neither of these things happen.

On a happier note, I had another sonogram today and all is well. The baby GIRL looks great. She is definitely a girl as we were able to see the clitoris and the vaginal flaps very clearly. She weighs about a pound now. Her bones are very small, as her femur measured only 35.3 cm in length. Normal is above 34 cm. She is just over the 5th percentile for her gestation. I think she will be very petite. Everything looks great though. There is plenty of fluid and she is growing as she should. My blood pressure remains to maintain itself and all is well there. I did show 1+ protein in my urine, but that is normal with no other symptoms of preeclampsia. I talked to my perinatologist a little about my choice to have another c-section, and he was really encouraging me to give this more thought. He feels that a vaginal delivery would be better for me. He says that there are less risks and that it is a better recovery. He does not feel that I should have one unless there is a reason to do another one. Brad and I are going to give this more thought. Maybe I should go vaginally??

24 week sonogram

Meet Miss Lauren!
24 weeks gestational age

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