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Week 25
Deciding on Delivery

Okay, okay . . . so now I am over the "urge" that I had for a vaginal delivery! <VBG> Seriously, I have done a lot of thinking, talked to a few people, and read some labor and delivery horror stories about "tremendous and excruciating pain" and I have come back to my original decision to have a c-section again. I talked to my OB about it a bit today, and he said that if I want a VBAC, he will let me try. He also said that if I chose to have a section, he will do that for me as well. He seems pretty indifferent to the whole thing. Brad thinks that I should have a VBAC since the recovery will be shorter, but right now I feel like I would rather not have "tremendous and excruciating pain" and just suffer the consequences after the delivery. Plus since I am a control freak anyway; it helps keep my blood pressure down. By having a scheduled section it allows me to tell my daycare parents when they need to find other care as well as plan care for my toddler son. So, that is that . . . we are having a c-section.

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