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Week 26
Can't Wait

Saw my OB today . . . everything is fine. I have gained 12 pounds total now which he thinks is great. The baby's heart rate is 153, which is fine, and my blood pressure was 132/80 . . . not bad! I am measuring about 27 cm now which is average. I had my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) done today and got a major headache and nausea from the orange drink they give you. I also collected a 24 hour urine test and had some blood work done. My OB likes to check my urine for protein every trimester and make sure that my bloodwork looks normal as well. I also had my flu shot today, and it did not even hurt at all! :) So far no side effects from it, but who knows what tomorrow will bring, right?

Anyway, emotionally I am feeling well too. I went out and bought a lot of little girl baby clothes this week and last, and I feel like I am beginning to get ready for this baby. I feel really "small" for 26 weeks, but everything measures and looks fine so I guess my worrying is in vain. Hard to believe that in less than three months I will have another child to care for. I cannot wait!

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