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Week 27

This week ended in a bang! Ryan woke up the night before last with a bed full of vomit and diarrhea from head to toe. Later that day, Brad came home from work with it and remains home today as well. I sent two daycare kids home puking and one came back today and already I have sent him back home. So far so good (knock on wood) I have not gotten it yet. I feel a little "drained" this week and have a tender tummy and headaches. But for the most part, I feel pretty good. Tonight is Halloween and we are going to go out Trick or Treating with Ryan. He is going as Pooh Bear this year, and I have a really great costume for him that I got at the Disney Store. Hopefully we will all be feeling 100% by tonight. I have been feeling good as far as the pregnancy goes.

I see my doc again two weeks from today. Hard to believe how fast time is going by. Seems like yesterday I was just pregnant. I have bought a lot of clothing for the baby as well as diapers, hair bows, and other miscellaneous things. We decided to go with the AVENT bottles system to complement our breastfeeding efforts, so I picked up a newborn starter set as well. I have a friend that is letting me buy her Pump In Style double pump for half the price in the store so I am doing that as well. Little by little we are getting ready for this baby. We still need a dresser though so I am still working on that.

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