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Week 28
Not Feeling Well

My regular OB appointment is not until next Friday, but I decided to call yesterday to see if I could get in to see my OB. I was not able to see my normal OB, but I saw Dr. Fogel, one of his associates. For the past week I have been vomiting in the morning again, and I just have a general "not good" feeling. The baby moves in spurts. Some days she will be really active and other days I hardly feel her at all. My blood pressure is starting to creep up on me as well. It was 158/88 at my appointment which is not "concernedly" high, but nevertheless it is higher than it was my last visit. The OB says that it is getting a little bit higher each visit. We need to watch for that. I am supposed to go back in Monday to get it checked again. In the meantime I need to check it twice a day at home. Dr. Fogel says that my uterus feels fine for a 28 week pregnancy and that my swelling, while present, is minimal, about a 1+. There is not protein in my urine and my Glucose Tolerance Test came back normal as well. There is nothing really that they can do for me except to monitor me carefully and just watch for signs of toxemia again. The baby's heartbeat was 144, which was good.

I am off this weekend on a Toys R Us shopping spree to get some more items that I need for the baby like a double stroller. We are also getting Ryan a "big boy bed" and some toys for Christmas. Hard to believe when I look at the calendar that Christmas is next month and the baby is coming the month after that. The next few weeks are really going to fly by!

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