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Week 29
The Last Trimester!

I went for my week 29 OB appointment today and all is well! So far I have gained 15 pounds all together, and I am now measuring at 32 weeks. (I guess that means that the baby is growing! <G>) The baby's heartrate was steady and strong at 154 beats per minute, and my blood pressure was very good at 130/80. Dr. Bates and I talked briefly about my plan to have a repeat c-section, and he is all for the idea if that is what I want to do. He said that the January schedule is not out yet, but it should be by my next visit, and I could schedule the section at that time. He said that I should start coming in for weekly visits to keep track of my blood pressure and that he wants me to have a non-stress test next week as well and every two weeks thereafter to make sure that the baby is faring well. He also wants to collect another 24 hour urine and have more blood drawn at my next visit.

I am feeling pretty good, and I am starting to get excited about the Christmas season that is coming up. I am sure that will keep me really busy. We have finished a lot of our shopping and do not have that much to do really.

On another note, this has been a really "sick" week for us. Ryan has croup and several of my day care kids are already getting the flu and colds and etc . . . thus the day care has been empty practically all week. We got our first real snow last night as well. We got six inches dumped on us and it is still snowing out. Winter is here!

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