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Week 30
Blood Pressure Creeping Up

I had my OB visit today, and it was soooo long! My appointment was at 9:15 am, so I got there at about 8:50 am since they like you to be about 15 minutes early. Anyway, it was a little after 9:15 when the nurse called me back for my non-stress test (NST). Well, once we got back there she realized that someone was in the room that I needed so she put me back into the waiting room. Finally at 9:45, she put me in the room and got me wired for the test. That was successful and reactive and the baby moved a lot during the test. He said that the results were all fine and good. That took about 30 minutes.

So now it is about 10:15 and I still have not seen the OB. The nurse tells me she will be "right back" to take my blood pressure and weight, etc. About 15 minutes later, now 10:30 . . . another nurse comes in and takes my blood pressure which is now a whopping 140/100 and weighs me. She also measures me at 32 cm. So, she then tells me to sit tight and the OB will be "right in." Okay . . . it is now another 15 minutes . . . 10:45 am and the OB comes in and talks to me telling me what a busy day it is. He says that everything seems ok but my blood pressure is a bit high. I tell him that all week it has been up and down and the headaches are a little more frequent. He tells me that it is time to put me on Aldomet to regulate my blood pressure and get me through the next six weeks or so. So, I am now on blood pressure meds. Not sure if I need them, but he wants me to take them.

I asked the OB about scheduling the c-section, and he tells me they STILL do not have a schedule out for January, maybe a week or two. Geesh! So, I still do not know the date. No big deal but it would be nice to know.

All in all, things are ok, but the blood pressure is creeping up a little. Emotionally I feel really good. I am excited about Christmas coming and have well over half of my shopping done. I do not feel really tired or worn out most of the time, but I do have my moments. I do not remember feeling so refreshed my last pregnancy. The baby is very, very low and I feel like I have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so. Every time I get up it puts a tremendous amount of weight on my bladder.

My birthday is next Wednesday and I am excited about that!!!

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