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Week 31
Increasing Blood Pressure Meds

My OB appointment was pretty routine. I gained no weight this week which is nice. :) The heartrate was around 152, and I measured at 34 cm. Even though I am almost 32 weeks, 34 cm is ok for me since I am a bigger person and there is more "skin" shall we call it, under the measure tape.

My blood pressure was ok . . . though not great at 140/90. My OB and I discussed my blood pressure since this week I have been getting fairly high readings. The lower number ranges anywhere from 90-101 this week which is not good. Anything under 90 is ok. He wants me to raise my blood pressure meds (Aldomet) to 3 times per day (250 mg per dose) and to REST. Not an easy task with an 18 month old to chase after. We talked about my concerns as far as delivery goes as well. For those of you that do not know, I lost a baby at 26 weeks in March of 1995 because I have pre-eclampsia which caused my placenta to tear and resulted in a still born baby girl. Anyway, it scares me to know that this can happen again. Basically, your uterus is like a small tree sapling and the cord is like a hose. When you have normal blood pressure, the blood just flows nicely into the placenta like a hose would deliver water to a small tree ~ very gently. When you have elevated blood pressure, the blood "spurts" with quite a lot of force into the uterus, putting strain on it. It would be like taking a hose with a spray nozzle on it and pulling the trigger full force and spraying the tree. What will eventually happen is that the tree will not be able to withstand the force, and it will break. Same concept. If the blood pulses too quickly and forcefully into the placenta, pretty soon the placenta will not be able to stand the pressure and it will tear. So anyway, I talked to my OB about my concerns of having high blood pressure for the next 8 weeks and the effects that it might and could have on the placenta and the baby. I hate to lose a very viable baby because we waited and screwed around too long trying to get my pressure under control for any amount of time. He said that we would take things day by day. He would like to get me at least 3 more weeks, 6 at the most. He said that it would be ok to deliver me at 37 weeks since he considers that a term pregnancy.

So, as of right now, it looks like I will be delivering near the beginning of next month. Next month??? Did I say that?? I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Feels like yesterday that I got pregnant. Ryan's pregnancy seemed to take forever. I guess when you already have a child to keep you busy, you do not focus on the pregnancy as much. So, next week I will see Dr. Bates again and we will see how my blood pressure does this week. If it is elevated (anything over 90), we will mess with my meds again. Hopefully we can get to a good level for a few weeks. I see my perinatologist on Tuesday for a sonogram so I am excited about seeing the baby again. At this time we will also be able to see how the baby is growing and make sure that there is not slow down in growth because of the blood pressure.

Oh, also since Ryan has the pinworms, I talked to him about that and he says that until I show symptoms, we will not worry about me having them. If I do get them, I can take the meds since I am pretty late in pregnancy. That was good news! :)

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