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Week 35
Time to Deliver

It is almost 11:00 pm, December 26, and I sit here typing on the computer. In a few days, I will be a mother again. Yes, I said in a few days. Things are not going so well here. On Christmas Eve day, I started to get high readings in my blood pressure. We went to my in-laws' house in Buffalo and while I was there, it began to go up into the 100's diastolically (bottom number). I rested all day and it just increased. I was not able to go with my family to Christmas Eve church because I was afraid that it would just go sky high. The highest reading that I got was 164/120, which is not good. It is a good thing that I did not go because I guess the church was packed, and it was standing room only. I would have had to stand for over an hour. I cannot imagine what that would have done to my blood pressure!

Anyway, I did not feel well all that day or Christmas day either. We were back home in Ithaca by 12:15 pm and spent Christmas day with my parents, my aunt, and my grandmother. I stayed pretty well plopped onto the couch all day long. My blood pressure continued to remain high throughout this time.

Other than that, Christmas went well. It was nice to spend time with family and everyone got a lot of nice gifts. It would have been nicer if I had felt better. I just felt so tired from sitting around all day and doing nothing. I had headaches on and off and just a general ill feeling. On Friday (today), I went to see my OB. I had another NST and it was fine. The baby would not move at first but after some prodding with the buzzer, she began to make some movements. When I saw the doctor, he said that she seemed very healthy and the NST was reactive and good. He was however concerned about me and the rise of my blood pressure. The good news is that I lost 3 pounds since my last visit. That means that I am not retaining any water. I had no protein in my urine today, but I am working on a 24 hour urine test which I need to take to the hospital tomorrow and get some blood drawn as well. It is so hard to tell whether I really have the pre-eclampsia or whether it is hypertension. Either way, it is getting dangerously high and my OB decided that they baby needs to be delivered soon for my sake and well-being. I have another appointment on Monday afternoon and he wants to do another NST as well as a sonogram and biophysical profile of the baby. He wants to check her weight and at that point we will chose a day this week to deliver. He said that this is it, it needs to be done this week. So, on Monday I will know for sure which day it will be. He wanted to put me in the hospital until then. Basically I would sit in a dark room for 2 days until I delivered or whatever. I convinced him that I would go nuts and insane if he did that and it would drive my blood pressure through the roof. He gave me the ok to stay home as long as I promised to rest.

Since the baby is small at this point (my perinatologist told me about 4 pounds at the beginning of this week), Brad and I bought a few preemie outfits so that she would have something that actually fit her. I am really excited about this baby coming. It is so hard to relax because I have so much to do before she comes. Last night we washed all her clothes, and we washed up the car seat today. I have my bag partially packed as well. It is hard to believe that this pregnancy is about to come to an end . . .

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