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Week 36
Last Minute Details

On Friday, the 26th of December, my OB, Dr. Bates, decided that enough was enough and he was not going to give my blood pressure a chance to ruin a perfectly viable pregnancy. At this point in my pregnancy, as you read in my diary, my blood pressure had not been below 100 diastolically (bottom number) for almost a week. This is dangerous to me and to the baby both. Since I had already experienced a placental abruption (the placenta tears from the wall of the uterus), we knew that it could happen again and we did not want to take any chances. So, I went home Friday, December 26, with instructions to come back on Monday, and we would decide what to do from there.

On Monday I had a long visit. I spent almost 3 hours in the office having an NST, a physical for my c-section, a sonogram (which said that baby weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces), and a visit with my OB. When he saw me, he went on to tell me that he had scheduled me for a section on Wednesday, the 31st at 1:30 PM. I was very relieved to hear this, but also very scared. I knew the baby would be about 4 weeks early and wondered how she would do. I was also nervous about the c-section and my recovery. Nevertheless, I went to the hospital to have some blood work done and to get some papers signed. After that I went home to wait......

Tuesday, December 30, was a miserable day. We had one of the biggest snow storms that Tompins County has ever seen. We were in a state of emergency and all the roads were closed until 5 PM that evening. Even so, the driving was horrible if you could even dig your car and driveway out of the 3-5 feet snow banks and drifts. Luckily Brad made it home by 5:00 PM and shoveled our way out so that we could get to the hospital the next day. Ryan, Brad, and I then spent out last night together as a family of three.

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