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Week 5
Visiting the Nurse Practitioner!

I am in week 5 now. Nothing has changed symptom-wise. I am having mild queasiness sometimes during the day, especially in the morning. The cramping has gone away although once in awhile I will get a twinge. Emotionally, I am doing fine. I am much less anxious than I was during my pregnancy with Ryan. Yesterday I saw the Nurse Practitioner. She took a detailed history and discussed nutrition, upcoming visits, what to avoid during pregnancy, and gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins. She also did an exam and a pap smear. Since I am high risk for high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, I was scheduled to do a 24 hour urine collection. Basically in a nutshell, you save all your urine for 24 hours in a jug that they give you. It gets sent to the lab, and it tells different things about your urine. It is important to do this because if I do get sick later, they have a baseline test. Today I also had all of my prenatal blood work done, and I had a 1 hour glucose tolerance test done. Since I am a large person, I am at risk for diabetes. For this test, you drink an 8 ounce container of cola drink. It is a high sugar drink. You do this an hour before your appointment. Then your blood is drawn at your appointment.

Tomorrow I leave for 2 weeks of vacation!

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