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Week 7
OB Visit

On my way home from vacation . . . two days of driving 13 hours, and we are finally home! It is great to be on vacation but it is even better to be back at home again. We are recovered! <G>

Oh . . . good news!! No more cramping and lots of morning sickness. Yep, it all started this week. I am not nearly as sick as I was with my other two though. I guess I am early though so I could get it worse. Basically in the morning when I get up, I really need to throw up--mostly yellow bile. I do not feel much better as I throw up and eating makes me feel even sicker. After about 10 am, I am feeling okay again and do well the rest of the day with intermittent peaks of nausea. I have been craving fresh fruit, and I have been chomping on strawberries, watermelon, grapes, and cantaloupe all day long. I have also been drinking a lot of milk. I never drink much usually, but my body has been craving it lately.

I went to the obstetrician for a routine checkup on Friday. He says that everything looks normal. He said that my uterus is enlarged and while it is hard to really feel, he says that he would put me at about 8 weeks. We discussed my desire for a scheduled c-section, and he felt that would be a good idea. He said that it would take a lot of finagling with the insurance company, but it could be done.

Some of you may wonder why I would want another c-section . . . Well, I am scared of natural delivery. With a c-section, everything is so calm and under control. I feel in control, and I like that. I had a great experience last time, and I hope to again. I recovered very quickly and fully.

Anyway, back to the visit . . . we also discussed my future care. He would like me to have a consultation with my perinatologist to see if he has any new and innovative ideas dealing with hypertension in pregnancy. I will see him in two weeks.

My obstetrician also ordered a sonogram to be done next Friday. That will be fun! I will seeing him again in about three weeks. I cannot believe that I am actually doing this again! <G>

Most family and friends know that we are pregnant again. The only ones that do not know is the in-laws. We decided to wait a while to tell them. Why? They will lecture us on how we need to buy a house first and need to pay the bills first, etc, etc. I guess that you have to know them. It was not worth it for us to tell them right now. Brad says that we will tell them when the baby is born! <VBG> I guess at Christmas when I am 36 weeks pregnant that will give them a clue!

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