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Robin's birth story

Miss Lauren!Lauren Elizabeth came into the world with a big bang on New Year's Eve!

Wednesday morning was the big day. We sent Ryan off with grandpa for the day, and Brad and I headed up to the hospital at around 10:00 am. Once we got there, we filled out yet more paperwork and I was put on a monitor for about 20 minutes. The baby seemed to be doing fine, my blood pressure was at an all time low, and all was good. The pastor of my church, Paul Converse Sr., came to visit with us and prayed with us that everything would go okay. He stayed with us for the couple of hours that we waited to get into the OR. A lot of the nurses that I knew up there would also pop in and say hi and wish us luck.

At about 2:00 PM, we were finally called into the OR. Brad and I walked right in and plopped down on the stretcher. We waited for about another half an hour and then we were prepped for surgery. I was feeling very nervous about everything at this point, and it was hard to keep from shaking. The anesthesiologist came over and popped my difficult IV in without any hesitation and explained to me that he planned to give me an epidural at this time. I was scared about that since I liked the spinal with the Duramorph in it so well before. He told me that this would be much better. I accepted that and in we went. He was a wonderful doctor. He kept me at ease by always telling me what he was doing and when he would do it. I was still very scared but at least I knew that there was someone near to talk to. He kept things light and cheery. The epidural did not hurt as much as I thought it would, but it was painful. It seemed to take longer than the spinal to take effect. Once all that was done, the c-section was started.

Dr. Bates and Dr. Fogel did my surgery. I did not like the epidural. I could feel everything that they were doing (unlike last time). I did not feel pain, but I could feel all the manipulation and all the different devices that they were using. After about five minutes, they pulled a little pink baby from my body! Dr. Garner quickly said that it was girl because I was so scared it would turn out to be a boy after I washed all the pink baby clothes!! <G> Anyway, she cried a little cry and was rushed off to the warmer unit where they gave her some oxygen and checked her out. She cried and cried such a little "meow" that it was hard to see her. She looked so tiny looking at her from the operating table. Once she was checked, the pediatrician, Dr. Uphoff, brought her over to me so that I could see her. She was so tiny and oh so precious! Once that was done, Brad went with her to the special care nursery to get taken care of.

In the meantime, I was sewn up. Things started to get a little painful at this point so he put something into my IV line that really stung! He said it would take the edge off, but it made me very groggy. Then they put some antibiotic (gentamyacin) into my incision and boy did that taste awful!! Within a half an hour, I was done. I was sent to the regular recovery room because the OB unit was very busy and could not recover me. I was there almost three hours. I had to move my legs, bend my knees and lift my butt before I could go back.

Brad came in and told me all about the baby and the pediatrician also came in. She told me that Lauren was not doing well, and they thought she should be transferred to a hospital with a special NICU nursery where they could better meet her needs. I agreed and Brad signed all the papers. Before they took her, they wheeled her into my room. Ryan (my 19 month old son) had just arrived with his grandparents when the transport unit came in. He quickly looked at her and said, "What's that??"! It was a riot!! I explained to him that it was a baby and since then every time he came into my room, he would ask me "Where's bobby?", his unique saying for "Where's baby?." Once I touched her little foot, she was off to the Arnot-Ogden Medical Center, about an hour from Ithaca.

It was very hard being away from her. I was in one place, she in another. I called often for updates and Brad went with her and stayed with her up there. We felt she needed him more than I did right now. I was quick to get out of bed once they removed that awful morphine pump! What a waste that thing was! They gave it to me for pain, and I was supposed to push every 5 minutes for pain relief. Well, in my book all it gave me was a sick, tired feeling. I was so out of it for the next 24 hours. I could not see or think straight. As for pain relief, I have never ever been in more pain. I finally stopped pushing the button and when the OB came in the next morning, I asked for everything to be removed . . . the foley, the IV, everything. He was quick to comply and once everything was out, they gave me some Percocet for the pain and things began to look better. I was up taking a shower and walking around. The percocet helped the pain a lot and I felt much better. In fact, I was doing so well that they allowed me to leave the next day. All in all, I did not even stay 48 hours in the hospital. I just wanted to get with my daughter.

On January 2, two days after her birth, Lauren's tube was removed from her throat. They felt that she was doing well enough that she could breathe on her own. She is still under a mask with oxygen, but at least she does not have that awful tube. She gets very agitated when she is touched, and I felt so helpless sitting there watching her cry her little "meow" and there was nothing that I could do. They finally did let us hold her and that was so nice. She opened up her eyes and looked all around. She seemed so much more at peace after she was held. I am hoping that today they will allow us to hold her more. All in all, she is doing well. They are hoping to start the gavage feedings today. Basically that means that she will get fed breastmilk through a tube in her nose.

I am doing ok...having a lot of gas pains and insomnia. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Well, that is Lauren's story. I will post updates each day to let you know how she is doing. They expect her to come home by Wednesday or Thursday. I hope so. :)

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