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Birth Story
~ Alianna Rose Has Arrived!

Alianna RoseWell my precious bundle of joy finally arrived. Only five days late from my given due date but it was worth the wait. She was born on October 29th at 10:04 pm. She was 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz and 19 1/2 in long. Her name is Alianna Rose. She missed my oldest son's birthday by 2 hours, which he really wanted her to come on his birthday.

My labor went great. My water broke at around 6:15pm, while I was shopping with the boys. I wasn't real sure if that was what it really was due to the fact that with all the boys my water broke like minutes before they arrived and I had no contractions. I called my mom and told her that I was pretty sure that my water broke and that she could start coming since she lived 3 hours away and really wanted to try to make the birth. I called the birthing center and asked if it sounded like my water broke and she said yes and that I was fine to just stay home and to eat if I hadn't yet. I was excited by this time--who could eat? I was going to have a baby soon!

l I tried to eat but started to have contractions so I stopped that pretty quick. I started having the contractions finally around 7:15pm. They were going from 10 to 7 back to 10 minutes apart so I really never did much at that point. I did call my friend that was coming over to watch the boys to let her know that I had started labor and that I would let her know when I needed her to come to the house. I didn't want her there too early. I called my mother-in-law so she could bring my niece over who was going to be there at the birthing center and watch the baby be born.

AliannaBy 8:00 my contractions were 5 minutes apart and was making my husband very nervous. He told me he was not going to deliver a baby at the house or in the car so I needed to call my friend and have her come over to stay with the boys and I called my midwife to let her know we were ready to go to the center. She asked about how long and I told her around 30 minutes. We waited for Gayle to get to the house so we could go. My contractions were not real hard at this point but were pretty close. We got over to the birthing center around 8:35 or so. We beat the midwife there. My husband was really getting nervous because she wasn't there yet and he was thinking that I was about ready to deliver.

While we waited I had a few contractions and just walked around in the parking lot. It feels so much better for me to walk them out. I can't just sit still. It seems to me that they hurt a lot worse if I can't move in some way. Finally around 8:45 my midwife arrived and we went inside. She checked me and I was at 6 cm by this time so we started the tub water so that I could get in there. I did a lot of my laboring in there. The water felt so good. When I had a contraction I would stand and rock back and forth with Rob and then I would sit down. Then around 9:15 I kinda felt as if she was right at the opening and was going to fall out but I wasn't ready to push so we got the ball out and I did more on that for about 15 minutes. I would move front to back on the ball when I had a contraction and that felt real good. Then I knew it was time. I knew she was ready to make her appearance.

Mommy, Daddy and AliannaI got up on the bed and Norla said whenever I was ready I could go ahead and push with the next contraction. I started pushing about 9:45 and my beautiful baby girl was born at 10:04pm. I only pushed about 4-5 times to get her out. And Grandma missed her by 15 minutes. She was just so beautiful and has tons of hair. We are not sure where she gets that from but I will take it. She is at least not bald or so blonde that you can't see it. We went home at 3 am on the 30th. All the boys were sleeping but got to see her when they got up for school.

They all just love her to pieces. My 7 year old, Chayce, just can't get enough of her. He wants to hold her all the time. Zak has been a busy boy so he hasn't got to see her too much but he kisses her every night before he goes to bed and wants to hold her when he is home. Keighgan is starting to come by and check her out but only if no one sees him. And well Matheu is just not real sure about her yet. He is only 2 so it is kinda hard for him to understand what is going on. But for the most part they all just adore her. And so does Mommy and Daddy!!

Thanks to all who have been here through my journey.
~ Robin

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