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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Everything Is Going Well

Everything went well at my doctor's appointment this week. I had to have my glucose test. I had to eat a piece of toast with butter and have a 8 oz glass of milk and 1 cup of non sugared cereal. I have always liked the way the birthing center does that. I don't have to drink that nasty orange drink and I don't have to have blood work done. I just eat my breakfast and they prick my finger an hour later. Nice huh? The blood came back great. No gestational diabetes here.

After that they measured me and I am right on--not too big or too little, which is nice because I was never right on with the boys. I was always measuring at least two weeks ahead. This baby doesn't like to have her heartbeat listened to either. She will move all over until she is ready for you to hear it. They finally got it. I wasn't nervous because you could hear her move on the Doppler but I always like to listen to it.

I am now on my two week appointments which makes me sooo happy and it means that my due date just keeps getting closer.

School also started this week. Yeah!! It was so nice not to hear them arguing and tattling on each other, although it was a sad time too. Chayce went to second grade this year and is growing up. He walked right to his class without even a kiss. Just a "see ya." No hug, no nothing. It was a sad minute for me. But I know he is getting bigger and he has always been the quiet one. As for Zak he is in middle school so I don't expect a kiss from him. But I did get a "love you see ya later" out of him, which was nice to hear.

Zak has also decided to play football this year. That makes me a little nervous because it is tackle this year. He has played it before but it was always just tag. This time it has contact with it and he could get really hurt but I have to let go and let him be himself and grow up. I am sure he will be OK but he is my firstborn and I have always been so protective over him. Since he decided to do this, I had to find a place to get him a sports physical, due to his doctor's office being booked until October. That wasn't a real fun time for me. I only had a few days to do this so I was running around and asking around, which was very hard to do being that I work the evening shift and the days are filled with being on schedule for Matheu's naps and stuff to be done around the house. But I got it done on time, and now everything is back in order. For this week anyway!

Until next week . . .

~ Robin

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