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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Baby Shower!

Robin at 31 weeksThis week I am now 31 weeks and not a whole lot went on this week. Baby and I are doing fine. She is growing big; I can feel it. She really doesn't move too much and seems like she is just real content. When I am laying down is when she decides to move. I go to sleep thanking God for my little miracle as she moves all around. I am really enjoying this pregnancy. It seems to be going so fast. I have only 60 days left and am wondering where it all went.

I got out my bassinet to make sure the pieces were all there . . . and couldn't resist putting it together. So I did!! It is a round bassinet with eyelet fabric. It has a pretty canopy that goes half over the top. Although it was white and beautiful it was just too plain for me so I added a crafty touch to it. I added some butterflies and pink bows so that it was real girly. After having four boys I have to have girly everything.

bassinetMy two best friends gave me a really nice baby shower this week too. I never knew all the adorable stuff that is out there for little girls. I always glanced at the things, because who can't resist the cute girly things in the stores. Everyone gave me a lot of really nice gifts. We played some games that were so fun. One game was to guess how big mommy is. You had to cut a length of this plastic measuring stuff to the size that you thought that I was. That was so fun. Everyone guessed that I was way bigger than I am which made me feel good. I feel as if I have just gotten as big as a house lately. And to know that I was smaller than what everyone thought was nice. Then there was a few other games like how many safety pins you could get out of a bowl of rice, with your eyes closed in two minutes, and how many mints were in a bottle. I had a really good time.

Here are a few pictures of the bassinet and me at 7 months. Hope you enjoy.

Until next week,

~ Robin

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