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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Busy Busy Busy Time

This week has been so busy. I went to the doctor mid week for my two week appointment. Everything is great there except that I am worried that she will not go down into position. She is sitting in my left hip pocket they say. For the longest time she has been in the tranverse positon. My midwife just keeps telling me to stop comparing the pregnancies. Girls are always different and so are each of your pregnancies. I just worry because the boys were in the right position FOREVER. It seemed like they loved that spot, head down in my pelvis. They just say that since I have had four other pregnancies that my area in there has a lot more room for her to just relax before she decides it is time to move to the pelvis. Okay so I say we will see. I just keep talking to her and telling her that we as girls have got to stick together. She needs to be ready when the time comes. So we have had a few talks this past week. Her dad also seems to think that she is not going to come until closer to Halloween. We have also had this talk. I asked her maybe to try just to come a little early and if she wants to just sit back and relax a few more days not to be any later than her brothers. (The last two boys were four days late.) We will see how that all works out soon.

Saturday I took the kids to a birthday party and then we went to Grandma's after that. That was a very long day. I went to work early in the morning, came home to change then took the kids to the party. They had fun though. She had a huge jumpy thing for all the kids to jump in, cake, and a pinata. The boys had a blast. Then after that we went to grandma's, and they love that. They just played and played while Lori and I just talked about things. I haven't really got to talk with her in a few weeks. So we caught up.

Sunday we went to Lori's for Labor Day weekend cook out. That was fun. The boys swam til dark. All the family was there so we all just sat around and talked and ate. Caught up on lots of family things, and we had a really good time.

The beginning of the week was bad. Lori gave a big scare. She hadn't been feeling good and on Monday morning she got up and took a shower and my niece said that she fell and that she was not talking right. So she called Pawpa at work, which he was on his way home, couldn't get a hold of him so called Jayme, my brother-in-law, to come to the house because Grandma was not doing good. She was sweating badly, throwing up massively and not making any sense when talking. So finally Jim got there and they took her to the ER. They took all kinds of tests. CTscan for when she fell and all kinds of blood work. Nothing turned up except that she was super dehydrated, and they can only say that they think she had the flu. I told her that my niece did a good thing by calling her Pawpa because those are all signs of heart attacks. She just thinks we all overreacted, but she is doing great and she looks great.

Well that is about it for my busy week. Until next week,

~ Robin

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