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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Baby Names

Not a whole lot of changing around here. Baby is still a moving and kicking as much as she has been. Maybe a little more. I seem to get a lot of Braxton Hicks lately, especially when I am working. I guess that is from all the walking I do there. Other than that we are doing great. I am getting very excited because I have only about 7 weeks left before my due date. (If she is going to be like her brothers, she won't come that day but four days later.) It is exciting to know that soon I will be able to hold my precious little baby girl. The boys are getting excited too. I have been trying to get things ready for her and they just keep watching as I put things together. Keighgan keeps saying. "Let's get this for the baby girl." I find this very funny because he has nothing to do with Matheu. So I am very anxious to see how he will do with this one.

My husband and I agreed a while back that I would choose her first name and he could do the middle. I found this name that I just love when I was about four months along and have kept it for her first name. Now to get my husband to help out with his part is like pulling teeth. We had this problem with Matheu. He just keeps saying we have plenty of time. So my poor little girl doesn't have a middle name yet. I have given him lots of choices but he just keeps saying no not that one. He loves to tease me on names too. So for the longest time he was telling me that he wanted Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Yea . . . no. He says, "But you said I chose the middle name." I still say no and am very firm with that. Matheu didn't have a name forever. He was four days late and I told Rob on the third day of being miserable, that he wasn't coming because he didn't have a name yet. So we picked one out, which Matheu is the name I wanted since we were about 7 months along. So I got my way with that one. I just want this one to have a very pretty girly middle name and something to go very well with her first name. I have given him 3 names that I like and think sound very nice together.

I guess it gets harder to name a baby the more kids you have. Chayce and Keighgan had names chosen for them as soon as we got to find out the sex. So what has been so hard about the last 2 we are having??? Especially since this one is a girl . . . come on a girl. We don't have a girl so we should have names lining up in our heads, right?? I think I just want the most perfect one to fit. This is my girl that I have been waiting for. Her first name is perfect and is very girly to me. It can be shortened but that is OK. Still very pretty and perfect to me. Soon everyone will know. I am very hesitant to tell others for one I don't want someone to take my name and two because I read somewhere that you are not suppose to tell others the name.

So that is about all around here. Have a great week!! Until next week!!

~ Robin

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