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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Lots of Fun

This week has been filled with fun. I did belly pictures and a belly cast. The pictures I feel turned out really great. I set up everything in my room and took pictures of different ways that I could think of. I used a huge pretty pink flower and a pink teddy bear and, well, me. After I was done I took them to a photo place and had them do it in black and white with just certain things colored. Oh, they are so cute. I think so anyway. I will attach some for you to see for yourself.


Also this week we did a cast of my belly. That was real fun. Rob and I did this. It was messy but had fun doing it. Rob had so much fun he wanted to do it again. I will attach a picture of this also for you to see. I have painted it, put on her name (which we finally decided on) and added some stickers of butterflies and such to match her bedroom. That was so fun to do. It will be a nice keepsake for her and I both once she gets older.


This week, Matheu has learned to remove his own diaper. He has done this 3 times this week. That is crazy being he won't try to use the potty. I have tried and he screams so I think I need a little potty. But let me go on with the removing the diaper. I came home from work one night and he was still awake for some reason. I had noticed that he had taken his diaper off and was exploring. I thought to myself this is the third time so I'm going to take a picture of this moment and he can see when he gets older just what he did. I turned on the light and low and behold he had taken off a poopy diaper. There was poop everywhere. What a mess! It didn't stink or anything; just a mess. I had to wake Rob up so that he could help, it was such a mess. We had to give him a bath and get new bedding out for him to sleep on. He hasn't done that since. I try to keep a onesie top on him so that he can't.

I had an appointment this week too. She has finally gone down to her position so I can now quit worrying so much about that. Her little heartbeat still going good. It is so great to hear the heartbeat every time I go. I am measuring right on time. Really nothing new there. Same 'ol same 'ol. In two weeks I have to do my Strep B test. That is really about it. Just a routine visit.

Until next week,
~ Robin

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