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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Counting Down

This week has been a real boring time. Not a whole lot going on here. Baby and I are doing great. I am just really ready to have her. I have started counting down the days and weeks. It's not that I am miserable, it is that I want to hold her and stuff. My cousin, who was two weeks ahead of me, had her baby on Friday and that just made it worse. She sent pictures of her and that made me want mine even more. All these babies around just makes me want to have mine so I can hold and kiss her. I am just so excited.

I also am getting very nervous about having her. I don't really know why, I mean I have had four others it should be a breeze right?? Nope a little nervous. I think it is because it is a girl, and I don't want anything to go wrong or happen. I don't know that is kinda silly to be thinking like that but for some reason it has happened a lot since I found out the sex of this baby. I always worried with the boys too but just not like I am with her. I just don't really understand my feelings. ??Who knows?? I am just being my usual worry wart.

I do have a doctor's appointment this week. And after this one I will then have my weekly appointments. That just means it is closer. I honestly am ready too. I am tired of being huge. I don't think I can get any bigger and then Bam! I do! Weird. With this baby I am all out front so I think I look bigger with her too. I have all kinds of people comment on that. Strangers, co-workers, Friends, and Family. Just can't believe how big my belly has got. I have strangers come up to me all the time and ask if I am ready to pop. What a way to make a fat girl feel better. LOL!! I still have 4 weeks to go . . . you should see their faces when I tell them that. Yeah 4 more weeks!!! It has been a fun pregnancy all in all though. I have enjoyed it and it has gone by pretty quickly.

Like I said pretty boring this week. Hopefully I will have better new next week for everyone.

Until next week,
~ Robin

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