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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Ready for Baby!

Week 36 . . . wow I can't believe it. It sure is creeping up fast. I had a doctor's appointment this week and all was good. She is down in the position and just waiting for her signal to come (whatever that may be). Her heartbeat is great. I have no idea if I am dilated or not; they don't check you unless you are late. So I will never know and that is kinda hard, but good in a way. That way I am not sitting here thinking okay any day because I was dilated. So I guess it could be a good thing. She is moving like crazy, and I think sometimes she does it on purpose to get me to squirm. It hurts sometimes just because there is no more room for her in there. Very cramped living quarters for her. The boys are getting very excited for her arrival, just like me.

Today the boys and I were relaxing and I was propped up on Zak's bed and we were talking . . and all of a sudden she moved to one side of my belly. I lifted my shirt for them to see and they were laughing so hard. They had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. Then they thought it was funny that when I laughed my belly would blow up like a balloon and when I would stop, you could see right where she was. They just thought that was soooo weird. My boys sometimes. I love them to death. We have some good times.

My mom and I went shopping the other day. She thinks that a baby girl has to come home in a dress. I have been looking all over for that special one and haven't really found one so I had found a little one piece set for her to come home in. Well Grandma does not think so. She said we would keep looking until we found the right one. So we went out the other day to the mall. We went to a few stores and a friend had suggested JCPenny's. So we thought we would go look. We found the most adorable pink dress. Grandma had to buy it. So now Ali has a dress to come home in. It is going to be perfect. I just love it!! Even though my husband thinks that it is going to be way too cold the day she comes and thinks that his daughter can't wear a dress home, she will. And she will be precious in it. It makes me even more anxious for her to get here. Like I wasn't before. I just keep telling myself patience.

That is really all that has been going on this week . . . until next week,
~ Robin

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