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Week 37
~ What a Busy Time!

Sorry that it has taken me a few days to get this to you. I have been one busy person. I have been trying to get things together to have a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband. It is so hard keeping a secret from him. I have told him that I am planning Matheu's 2nd birthday party just so I know that he will go to the place we are having his. We are going to do something for Matheu too but it is mainly for Rob. My mother-in-law and I are planning this together. We have pretty much everything in order now. I have to still get a cake and the utensils and that kind of stuff but she has taken care of the location and food. I have sent out the invites to everyone that I could think of. I tried to get a hold of some of his old friends as well. Hopefully this will all go well.

Also this week we took the boys to the pumpkin patch to pick their pumpkins out. Of course I wasn't thinking and forgot the camera so I didn't get any pictures of them playing and picking the pumpkins. Matheu slept the whole time we were there so mommy picked his out. It was fun but as big as I am and uncomfortable too it wasn't all that fun for me. But to just watch the boys have a good time was all the fun I needed. We took a hay rack ride. I asked the driver, who was like 19, to make it a little extra bumpy for me so maybe we could have a baby. He just smiled and laughed. But I was really serious.

This week we also found a mouse living in the basement. As much as I love all God's creatures that is just one I don't want to share my home with. So we had to get some mouse traps and bait and hope that he will get into them. Rob says that it looks like he has eaten a little of one. So hopefully he will scurry away and die peacefully and I don't have to see him again. I actually one night after coming home from work stepped on the little booger. I turned on the light and he ran fast under the fridge. Fast little guy. It sure freaked me out not knowing what I stepped on and then to turn on the light and see that. Yea a big surprise.

Baby and I are doing great. She is definitely getting bigger. Hardly has any room in there for her to stretch out so when she does I feel it. She loves to knee me in the side for some reason. I think she is just moving but it seems like it is very often she does this. I am getting to the very uncomfortable stage. She is very low into my pelvis and it hurts sometimes when she is training for her Olympics in there. I can feel every little move she makes. I don't remember feeling as much with the boys. Yea I was uncomfortable because they always sat on a nerve but she sits on everything. My back hurts . . . my pelvis hurts . . . everything. This pregnancy has been so different. I have loved every minute of it but I think now I am just ready for her. I want to hold her and give her kisses. I want to see who she looks like, what she looks like. I just have never been so anxious for a baby to be here. I know it is because this is my girl and I so want to touch her and let the boys see her, but I know to be patient and the time will come. Only 2 more weeks, if she comes on her due date. Now if she wants to be like her brothers she will be late by 4 days. I hope she is on time.

I am taking my maternity leave starting the 20th. I am so ready for that too. Tired of being on my feet all the time. And if I do it the 20th that is only 4 days till my due date which is good. I wanted to work up until I had her but being so tired I just can't hang in there plus I would like to get ready for her. Have a little time to relax and get things caught up so when she does arrive it will be all in order.

That's about all from this busy little bee.

Til next week,
~ Robin

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