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Robin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ The Waiting Game

So I am just about 38 weeks, where has the time gone? This pregnancy seems to have gone by so fast. I remember when I just found out that I was pregnant and had all those mixed feelings. And now I am sitting here excited and scared about the next week and a half. I am definitely ready for her to make her appearance but scared at the same time. I was watching a show on babies being born and stuff and that brought me to reality . . . wow I am doing this again! I had tears in my eyes not sure if it was because it is so emotional when a miracle is brought into the world or because I knew that that was soon going to be me and I was going to be the one moaning in pain. I know once this little miracle of mine is born I will once again forget about all the pain that I went through to have her here in the world.

I have got everything ready for her arrival. I have packed my bags and put her stuff in there too. I have planned out what I would like to do before going to the birth center. I want to stay at home as long as possible so that when I arrive it is not a long stay. I did that with Keighgan and it was nice to just go have the baby and leave a few hours later. I mean I did with Matheu too but my labor was just so much easier with Keighgan. For those of you who don't know I do a natural labor process at a birthing center. It is not in a hospital but at a house. It is so much like a home environment that I love it. I love the people there and the whole idea of getting to go home soon after the birth. I don't have to find any one to keep the other kids overnight and I don't have to worry about a hospital environment. It is so great!!

So I had my doctor appointment last week and asked the midwife to check me. I was just curious to see if all those braxtons I had been having were actually paying off. So maybe they were just a little; I was dilated to a 2-3. Not really a lot but it is a start. It kinda depresses you when you know what you are at if at anything. So yea, no baby soon for me anyway. I will probably go late as usual, which is fine, just very anxious to hold her in my arms and give her lots of kisses. Soon though I will get to do all that. Only a week and a half left. Woohoo!!

Well that is about all for this week. Have a great week and hopefully next time I will have a birth story to give.
~ Robin

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