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Week 40
~ Came and Went

So I am now 40 weeks!! Woohoo . . . right??? . . . Nope wrong!! No baby. What no baby and I am at 40 weeks?? What is that all about??

I am now officially 2 days past my due date. That kinda stinks but if you recall I kinda knew deep down that it would happen. The last two boys were both four days late so really I wasn't expecting her to be here on time, was just hoping lots that she would. I guess this is what happens when they let you go all natural . . . Right?? Everyone wants to know when I will be induced so that she will make her appearance, but no induction here. I will go when this little girl of mine is ready. So I expect . . . I don't know say Tuesday or Wednesday, which would be the 28th or 29th. Only 5% of people actually have a baby on their due date and I wasn't lucky enough to be that percent this time. And actually the longer she stays the better. That just means it is not time and who knows what the exact date was you conceive anyway. You can actually go to 42 weeks before anything is done. Heck back in the day my mother-in-law went three weeks late with my husband. Now talk about miserable! I am really not all that miserable, just really want to meet her now.

Had my weekly doctor's appointment on Thursday. Had her check me since my due date was the next day. I am soft and at 3 centimeters. She added a little evening primrose oil onto my cervix to help thin it out. And while giving the exam stretched my cervix a little to help too????? Really not sure what any of that will do if she's not ready but I was game. That was all that we did there.

Yesterday which would have been Saturday the 25th we went walking in the mall for about an hour. That was fun because of course I stopped a few times and looked at baby stuff. Then we came home and I relaxed and got some more cleaning done. I am pretty sure that I lost my mucous plug last night but I know that doesn't really mean anything either. I hear it could be months before labor when you lose that and it could be the next day. Well it sure wasn't the next day but hopefully not months either.

Have a great week and I will keep you posted.

Till next week,
~ Robin

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