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Week 10
~ Emergency Room

Hello friends! Week 9 was by far the most interesting thus far. Living in Georgia is hard enough with the high temps and ridiculous humidity. But when you're pregnant, it's just unbearable.

The sickness comes and goes, but I have some meds for when it decides to rear its ugly head and make my day blah. I'm still feeling tired, but that's most likely the dehydration--which I'll get into in a moment. As far as other symptoms . . . well, not much. My breasts are slightly tender but nothing bad. My face and body are beginning to breakout--yippy skippy! Oh . . . yeah . . . um . . . gas. Oh what a joy THAT is. Mams, you get it, right? I don't remember this with my daughter. Maybe I didn't have it or it was just so long ago that I've chosen to forgot that wonderfully annoying and embarrassing tidbit. Oh the joys of pregnancy and what our bodies go through.

I'm showing a lot now. I've had lots of surgeries in my youth so I already didn't have good muscles to hold back a pregnancy. I showed early with my daughter, too. My weight has increased some, but isn't too high. Going with my first initial visit--the one where they confirm you're pregnancy and tell you your due date--until this week's visit, I've gained 9 lbs. The first 5 happened quickly just as they did with my daughter. It's like my body knows I'm pregnant and that week I gain 5lbs. Probably water retention. I haven't eaten poorly, though. Mostly I've been too sick to eat. But with visiting my parents, the in-laws coming, and now a trip to the in-laws for July 4th--yeah . . . some of that weight is not baby.

So about this Emergency Room visit. I went to my regular OB on Tuesday and wasn't feeling well. She saw me and asked what was wrong. I told her the nausea was really bad and I just didn't feel good. She was worried about dehydration but noticed I carry a 1 quartt jug around with me and assumed I was fine. She did the exam, saw the baby was growing well, and made me wait in the waiting room for about 15 minutes so I could eat saltines and ice chips. I told them I was fine and just wanted to go home to rest. On Wednesday I had a few errands to run on post but an hour into my first one I began to shake. I ate breakfast just two hours prior, but I ate a Kashi granola bar to see if it might be my blood sugar. No help, so I ate another. Then, it was lunch time so I ate again. I still felt shaky and could barely write. My mouth was really dry, even after taking a drink of water. I decided to head over to the hospital and ask the OB clinic what they thought. They immediately sent me downstairs to the ER. It was evident I was dehydrated because the nurses couldn't find a usable vein on me and kept having to poke me. Finally I got fluids and had my blood checked. Seems everything was fine, but my white blood cells were a tad high. They sent me home.

The next day I saw the specialist and he was concerned with my prior day's ER visit and that my pulse was 112. He ran more blood to check if I had hyperthyroidism and to see my metabolic rate, and my liver and kidney functions. So, I had the full workup. It all turned out ok. So, I know that I must drink double the water I am.

Well, baby is doing great. All things look to be growing just right. The heart rate was 173bpm and the ultrasound was FUN this time! I saw a little hand go across the screen. The nurse and I both laughed. It was so cute.

Today begins week 10 and I'm so excited to soon end the first trimester. In six months, I will have another family member to love. Well, 'he' is already loved so very much.

God Bless,

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