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Week 11
~ Just Another Week

Hello! Week 11 wasn't very eventful. I did feel baby kick me a few times which is ALWAYS exciting.

I am having a harder time getting comfortable in bed. I'm a stomach sleeper and so any other position is just painful for me. I've had whiplash three times and my back and neck are forming bone spurs. Yes, I need a chiropractor, but I need a job to pay for that 'luxury'. I've tried pillows, but I'm claustrophobic and when I can't move it freaks me out. I'm a tosser--always have been. SO, finding that restful position will take some time. So far it's been sort of on my stomach, but with my right leg sort of bent up to my side making my stomach elevate a bit. Eventually I'll just sleep on the couch, which is where I've taken some really good naps. But for now, I don't feel like leaving my husband alone.

I saw my specialist this week, as usual. Baby was moving all around again. Cadence was so excited because it looked like baby was bouncing on it's head. Last week was toe touches, this week was pogo-ing on 'his' head! But the best news was that I was released from his care! Once I got pregnant, seeing as I'm high-risk, he monitors growth weekly until week 12. I saw him Thursday so that was 11.5 weeks along. (Each Saturday I'm another week along. I write these on Saturday's about the week prior . . . next week I'll write how thrilled I am to be out of the first trimester!)

In other family news, we enrolled Cadence in Karate this week. She was in gymnastics and advanced quickly to a class that had 7 year olds in it--she's only 5. She was doing great, but we decided to try karate for self-defense purposes (long story about a neighbor child who feels the need to hit with shovels) and also for discipline. She's at that lovely age where she feels she can do what she wants. She's always been a great child and I have no complaints, but more focus is always welcomed. With Kindergarten starting in a few weeks, she needs to learn to be focused for a LONG day of school, then homework.

My husband has been busy at work and coming home late. I'm the Family Readiness Group leader and I've been busy with organizing meetings and upcoming holiday festivities. I also am getting my Masters in Human Resource Management. My degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication has yet to yield a good job, so I'm heading back to the books. I was searching for a job, but with the growing belly, I doubt someone will choose me. I work with a Staffing Agency and I'm going to tell them I can do part-time and temp work. New baby = needing all the extra income we can get! Yes, I do have a lot on my plate- that's always how I've been. It seems I can't function without being overwhelmed.

Have a great week!

God Bless,

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