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Week 12
~ Finished Walking on Eggshells

Week 12 brings me triumph! Typically, the end of the first trimester brings a sigh of relief as the risk of miscarriage is greatly dropped. Once again this week was fairly inactive in terms of pregnancy related topics.

Constipation is still an issue . . . colase does little to help, nor does fruit and Fiber One items. As much as it's embarrassing to talk about, it's a prominent pregnancy related symptom. Without a weekly doctor visit (which spoiled me by the way), I have less options to ask questions. I see my OB this week, so I'll be discussing this issue first!

Sleeping on my stomach gets less and less comfortable yet I find myself waking up flat on my belly in the morning. How that works I don't know. I've been feeling baby move a lot more lately and I love it. Usually at night when I'm trying to fall asleep and I'm probably squishing my uterus. Geez, I feel like a bad mom, but I'm sure the baby isn't hurt. I have too much mommy belly in the way.

Acne! Now there's a topic I don't think we've discussed. Oh good grief! My face is breaking out like crazy. Now, it could be that I'm in Georgia and the humidity is always about 50% and the heat index has been around 110 degrees. So . . . sweat is a factor. I even sweat inside my home with the AC on. If I'm up moving around, I break out in a sweat. Lovely, right? I'm not even going outside unless necessary. My poor garden and flower beds around my house are over run with weeds; it's quite sad. BUT, I'm not putting myself into a situation that would cause me to easily dehydrate. So anyway, pimples are all over my face, my neck and shoulders. Oh the joy. I switched face wash because I read you shouldn't use salicylic acid and my doctor said it might not be a good idea to use. SO, I'm using something else that I don't think works quite as well as what I'm used to.

My family is doing well. Cadence is not doing karate, though. We spoke to several people who went there (and a few at other places) and said it's not a flat fee--there will be constant "needs" that your child will have to purchase and it will skyrocket the monthly cost. Currently it was $125 a month and then $25 every three months for the belt. So, we asked her to decide and she chose gymnastics. She loves it and is great at it. So now the bill is $54 a month . . . much easier to swallow, especially knowing they won't be popping charges at me all the time. Having her happy is most important. My husband knows karate moves so now that the idea of self defense is in her mind, they'll practice moves together. They have fun.

I've been working hard in my graduate school courses, but that is quite difficult to do while trying to entertain a 5 year old all day. It's too hot to play outside and she gets bored inside. Games and movies hold out for only so long. She's a very active child, which is great, but I know what it's like not to have friends to play with during the summer. Our neighborhood is still brand new and there aren't many children home in the summer running around. School starts in two weeks, though, and she won't need to worry about being bored. She'll be a Kindergartener with plenty of homework to think about.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you, so feel free to write.

God Bless,

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