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Week 13
~ Scared

The week started out fairly slow and boring. It's AWESOME being in the second trimester. I can expect relief from nausea and fatigue in this 'honeymoon' phase. I felt baby kick while standing this week. I was checking out at the grocery store and as I swiped my card, KICK! I sort of jumped and said, "OH!" . . . the lady was like, "Are you ok"? I laughed and said, "Yeah, just got kicked."

I've been extra tired this week. So much for fatigue leaving me. Wednesday was an OB visit. The heart rate was 160. I got introduced into Americanized baby-care. I'm used to ultrasounds at every single visit. In Germany they do it at every visit and think it's odd that Americans only get three ultrasounds.

Friday I began bleeding and cramping. I was crying so hard, but I had to try to stay calm for Cadence. She was worried and I know how the last miscarriage affected her and still does. I told her I was okay, but we needed to go to the doctor. I never said it was the baby. Driving to the hospital was rough, and I could barely talk to my husband. I was hyperventilating because I was trying not to sob. I called the OB clinic to ask if I needed to go to the ER or up to their floor. They said to go see them. I went up to the OB floor and waited for more than an hour. Finally the doctor came to get me. The ultrasound proved that I was still pregnant. Still a heartbeat. Still a moving, bouncing child. The doctor said the cramps I was having were contractions. He didn't know why any of this was happening. I was put on bedrest for the weekend and told to come back Monday. I was given 200mg of Progesterone suppositories to take every night. Hopefully that calms my uterus (never did) and to keep baby safe inside.

Saturday I became 14 weeks, and that's usually where I stop writing. Today, Monday, I went to the doctor to make sure things were okay. I figured I'd save my writing for today so this entry would be complete. The ultrasound came up and baby was still. Seeing as baby is ALWAYS bouncing and toe-touching . . . I freaked out. But there was a steady heartbeat and the doctor said baby was probably sleeping. Well that's a first for me. But comforting to know it's alright.

So, I end this entry knowing that baby is okay and so am I. I really really wish I knew who was in me. Doc says I have to wait until week 22 for the big ultrasound. Ugh . . . that's the end of September. Darn. Of course, $100 would get me the results now at a local Prenatal Imaging center. Oh gosh . . . I wish I weren't impatient.

Anyway, take care everyone. Talk to you again next week.

God Bless,

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