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Week 14
~ Calm

Last week we left off with the scare and I entered my follow-up visit. Since the visit, there hasn't been much of anything going on. I've had some cramping, but nothing bad. It's probably the ligaments stretching and growing. I haven't felt baby move in some time. I know, I technically shouldn't be feeling it anyway, but I felt it starting about week 10 and it was almost every day. The past . . . hmm . . . two or three weeks, nothing. Now, I just feel fat and lazy.

My daughter starts school tomorrow. Wow! We went to open house Friday and met her teacher. She's going to a fabulous school. We're very proud. My husband and I wanted 3 or 4 children and maybe 2 or 3 years apart. Well, military life and the miscarriage and the taking forever to GET pregnant . . . here it is 5 years later. Now that Cadence is going off to school and (ugh . . . I'm jobless), the idea of being home to actually REST like the doctor said, having kids nearly six years apart might not be a bad idea. I will be able to get into a nice workout routine, get my studies done, and rest. It sounds great . . . so what's the catch?! I'll let you know next week I guess.

I have another doctor's appointment this week. I go Tuesday and see the OB. The doctor last week said I shouldn't see the Nurse Practitioner and that I should see an OB. (On post, women see a nurse practitioner and they deliver at an off-post hospital by who knows who.) I guess I'll be seeing the OB and I might just have this person deliver. I don't really care who delivers as long as they are respectful of me and we work well together.

People have been asking me if I'm going to register. I will once I know who is in me. I'm still having a hard time waiting until week 22 for that big ultrasound. I'm hoping that one of these times I'll be getting an ultrasound and they'll be nice enough to look a bit harder and baby will be positioned just right. If I happen to stumble upon the $100, though, well I'll just go get that ultrasound at the lovely Prenatal Imaging center.

Names . . . you're probably wondering what we're thinking. Well, the boy's name (at least the first) has been chosen for more than six years. His name is Alexander. Recently I chose Michael for the middle name--gift of God. Because he will truly be a gift. We're tossing around girls' names. Emmalin or Mackenzie. I've always loved Mackenzie, but I recently learned Emmalin and love it. We have time to decide.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Feel free to write!

God Bless,

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