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Week 15
~ Going Well, but Busy

The doctor I got this week was wonderful. I heard some rumors that she was 'different'. I waited for more than an hour past my appointment time, which was very annoying. When I was finally called and met this OB, I quickly realized why it took so long; she was very thorough. She asked if I minded an ultrasound . . . um NO . . . go on ahead. She explained what she was looking at and what she was measuring. I got a peek at between the legs. She showed me the butt bone and the legs stretched out. I thought I saw two lines and then a dot a bit forward. I got home and of course googled everything possible and I think it's a girl . . . but the dot has me lost. The image was very faint and she said boy and girl can look quite a bit alike at this stage.

Anyway, the spine looks on thus far, which is great. My brother lost a daughter at 16 weeks gestation to spina bifida. So, another reason I'm high risk--family history.

I get a Level 2 ultrasound around 18 weeks, but instead of there at the Radiology hospital, they are sending me off post to the big hospital. They want my Level 2 to be very thorough. That's fine with me, too. She said they'll probably do a 4D . . . yay!

So baby keeps to the right side of my belly. If I lay down, baby will sort of roll. What a fun feeling!!! I didn't feel my daughter much during the pregnancy. I have had a lot of abdominal surgeries and they suspected the scar tissue made it difficult to feel. I'd have the monitor on my belly and she would kick hard at it. Everyone would say wow . . . big kick. I felt nothing. I felt her in the beginning, but not really ever again. At the end, I'd sit down and lean back to watch her roll across my belly like an alien, but still no feeling of her. That made it rough when I fell--twice on the ice. Germany was icy and my feet were swollen and hot . . . I wore flip flops. GO me. So, when they'd ask if I felt baby move, I said no of course. So it was hard to know if she was ok or not, without having to go to the hospital. Anyhoo . . . hope this baby is different.

What's with my boobs?! Seriously! They get sharp pains randomly and my nipples tingle. I guess they're growing. Bought some new bras. Ugh . . . don't like the number.

Sleeping is much more difficult. I can find a sort of belly position, but then I freak I'm hurting the baby. And while I'm not a back sleeper, each time I wake up to pee in the middle of the night, I'm on my back and comfy. Of course, that's not good. *sigh*. It'll get better . . . after baby is born! LOL

This week is busy. I've got lots to do, including 24 hour urine test, a 1 hour glucose test and my quad screen.

I hope you all are doing well. Write if you'd like.

God Bless,

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