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Weeks 16 & 17
~ Wearing too Many Hats

Hello readers!

I've gotten a bit behind. You know how that feels... we feel there's a magical red cape on our shoulders that can allow us to do everything, without the need to say no. Well, among being the FRG leader and dealing with drama, deployment of a company, my daughter starting Kindergarten, full time grad school and my exhaustion from baking a human 24/7... I'm behind. My apologies.

I'm getting back into exercising, but so slow. I barely moved an inch during the first trimester because I was afraid of miscarriage so now that most of my energy is back and I have the go ahead, I've realized how much strength and endurance I've lost. BUT, I'm getting out there walking when I can. I'll probably walk more when it cools off a bunch.

I believe I've had some Braxton Hicks. It feels like a deep pressure in my upper abdomen, like I'm pushing out my tummy really hard. And some cramping like I'm on my period, but I'm sure that's just the stretching.

So I did this 24 hour urine test. I had to collect every single drop of pee for 24 hours. That was exciting... and no, not a big gross. LOL I had to keep the jug of pee (which ended up being two jugs because uh yeah... I actually drink water) in the fridge. Yep, don't grab the wrong juice jug. Eww! Makes me kinda shiver. The night pee was the worst because I couldn't just slug to the toilet, go and fall back asleep. I had to go to the bathroom, made sure I peed in the tub then poured it into the jug and put it back into the fridge. Geez. I still haven't gotten the results on that test. I think, though, it's just a baseline in case I develop preeclampsia again (like I had with my daughter). I also did a 1-hour glucose test... no results from that either.

I will know the sex of the baby in just a few weeks. I'm getting my level 2 ultrasound at a local hospital that has excellent equipment and lots of specialists. I should get 3D images as well! September 15th is the day my child will get its first name. Alexander for a boy and we're still contemplating the girl's name... but possibly Mackenzie.

The lovely mid pregnancy swells have begun. I even wake up with puffy hands and feet. They barely look swollen, but I can feel the pressure and tingling. Thankfully I still have ankle bones, which I lost completely during my daughter's pregnancy.

Well, that's about it. I'm proud to say this is a quiet pregnancy for the most part. I guess that means I'll have to be detailed for the birth story. HA HA!

God Bless,

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