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Week 18
~ It's a.......

Hello everyone! I'm writing with great news this week.

The week began pretty slow, some cramping and what I think are braxton hicks, but pretty boring. I've been very busy this week because we were planning to leave Thursday for Kentucky for Steven's sister's baby shower, which is on Saturday. We decided to leave Thursday afternoon so I got Cadence from school early. We got to Tennessee about 8pm, just in time for my husband to meet my dad at the Titans football game (yeah, he didn't take ME! BOOO!!!). It's ok because my husband has never been to a pro football game and I went to the first ever Titans game so I let him get the extra ticket.

Anyway, Friday morning I woke up about 7:30 and there's a giftbag on the coffee table (the 10th is my birthday). My parents say I have to open it NOW because it 'expires'. Well, I open it and it was a brochure to the Prenatal Imaging place in Nashville; my appointment was 9:30. OMG!!!! I cried like a baby! It was going to find out in a few hours WHO was inside me. So I showered and was ready to go!

I asked the guy to stop over the baby's area so I could guess. Well, it was pretty easy and we all kinda screamed. It's a BOY! YAY!!! His name will be Alexander. Michael is the current middle name, but we're having second thoughts. Alexander is a definite, though. It's been chosen since before Cadence was born.

Well we, of course called his mother to tell her the good news. Saturday we got to Kentucky and enjoy a LONG day of shower events for his sister, who is having a girl October 15th.

Sunday we went to the lake and enjoyd a family reunion. Well, I started the day with a headache and it got progressively worse. Eventually I was nauseous. It came time to leave and I rode with my daughter and my mother-in-law. About an hour into the ride I demanded she pull over so I could throw up.! I threw up everything I ate that day. I couldn't breathe it was so much. And yes, I peed my pants. Like....really bad. Oh I was embarrassed! But man alive I couldn't stop throwing up. Thankfully I brought a jacket so I sat on that for the rest of the way home.

Never again will I forget to bring Tylenol with me wherever I go!

Well, we are home again (Monday night) and I'm SO ready to get into my own bed and SLEEP.

Have a great week and God Bless,

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