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Week 19
~ Not Much...Except I'm Older

There has been little happening since I last wrote--and that took up just a few days of the 19th week. I did turn 26--closer to 30 than 20. *sigh* That's fine, though . . . wait until I turn 27 and I'll be living it up!

My hubby took me to dinner (craving an Outback steak and those steamed veggies! Mmmm). Then he bought me a camera. We've been needing one so we got one. It's wonderful thus far. Then we had an at-home movie date and watched 'The Crazies'. Wasn't as bad as I thought. We were out of options on our Netflix, so I put it down and we had a movie night.

This coming week I have an OB appointment and then I have my level 2 ultrasound. I'm looking forward to both. Anytime I can hear Alex's heartbeat or see him is a good day.

Well, like I said, not much to report.

Hope you all have a great week!

God Bless,

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