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Week 20
~ Halfway!

I can't believe I'm halfway through this journey. Thank God little man has been strong and made it this far.

So I went to the doctor this week. First was my OB. She simply listened for the heartbeat and then took me to her office to answer my list of questions. I asked about my back pain. I told her I understand ligaments are moving and pain is going to be there, but I have a sharp pain in my lower back on the right side. She decided to send me to physical therapy and that appointment is actually this week so I'll write about it for next entry.

I also asked why my pulse races to above 120 for no reason. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse when I was 17. Nothing ever came of it other than random pounding heartbeats. Sometimes they make me dizzy, but they are pretty rare. Well, I've noticed it happening a LOT and I have a heartrate monitor for working out so I've been wearing it to check the rate. I was SITTING and it was 123. She said she is going to send me to the cardiologist JUST to make sure things with my heart are fine. She expects them to do an echo and wire me for a 24 hour test (which I've done before). Things should be fine, but we are just making sure. If it all pans out then it's Sinus Tachycardia.

Wednesday was my Level 2 ultrasound at a different hospital. Alexander seems to be growing really well. He is measuring a bit small on his head, but Cadence was super tiny so I let them know that it's probably just a small baby. They couldn't see his heart as much as they'd like because he was nestled in my placenta (as usual) and he's breech. He should turn . . . he's got 20 weeks. So I go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound. OH, and they couldn't confirm the sex, but I told them I was told it was a boy. Confirmation would be comforting, but I think it's a boy so we're fine. Yay for buying blue!

Well, we just got back from the beach, but I think I'll add that to next week's entry.

Have a great day!

God Bless,

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