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Week 22
~ Exhausted

So, my dad has Esophageal Cancer, stage 4. It has metastasized to his lungs, liver, and the lymph nodes behind his heart. He went to the cancer specialist and he is positive about all of this (which is weird). He works with the Sarah Cannon foundation and he is putting my dad into a research program so he can take this certain drug that he think will help prolong his life for up to two years. I'm worried about how he'll handle chemo, though. If he doesn't do the chemo, he has about six months. I've not slept well the past week . . . some of it my dad, some because my back hurts so bad.

I'm doing physical therapy for my lower back. I have a bad back as it is (whiplash three times, plus I've never worked my core . . . with all the surgeries I've had I knew crunches would never help the tummy--never thought of working the core just in general). Anyway, the therapy doesn't seem to be helping yet. When I lay on my side at night (with the preggo pillow of course), I can get to sleep but if I have to pee or turn over (I'm a tosser sleeper), I'm in bad pain. I feel like I'm stuck and my hips won't move. Then, I finally get up to pee and I can't walk . . . my lower back hurts so badly. The therapist wants me to have the water therapy, but the pool is 92-96 degrees and I must have approval to use it. My doc has NOT returned my calls . . . three of them. Ugh! I'm wondering if I can use the pool because I'm hoping it will help. They think it'll be great for me, but the heat might not be.

Anyway, this is probably a very depressing entry. Let's perk it up! I feel Alex moving a TON, which is a blessing. I never felt Cadence and it's a joy feeling this little guy. He's so hyper and all over the place. I'm wondering if he'll be a handful in a few months. It IS a boy, and I've heard some scary things. LOL

Let's see . . . I'm not sure what else to say. I'm exhausted and stressed. I'm praying Alex isn't affected by it.

Well, have a great week everyone!

God bless,

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