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Week 23
~ Trip to Tennessee

So the only thing going on this week was that I went to Tennessee on Thursday to be with my parents and help them get some paperwork done. I just got home and I'm exhausted. I don't have much to write, so I apologize. My dad starts chemo in a few days and we're all pretty worried. I don't think he's going to be here for the birth of Alex . . . he doesn't think so either.

Anyway, I did feel him kick Friday night OUTSIDE my belly. I felt it with my hand for the first time. With all my scar tissue (and being overweight) he hasn't been felt outside. Anyway, it was great.

I have a doctor's appointment this coming week and another Level 2 ultrasound so I'll have more to report next entry.

I am terribly swollen, well . . . terrible to me. I checked my blood pressure at a RiteAid and it was 147/74. Not too bad, but my blood pressure is normally around 116/64ish. I go in tomorrow and will have them check me. Seeing as I had preeclampsia with Cadence, I need to be extra careful. Being at my parents' house, I've eaten things I don't normally eat and drank less water. I'm hoping this is the cause. I'm home now and drinking LOTS of water.

Again, next week's entry will be a bit more interesting seeing as I have two doctor appointments.

God Bless,

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