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Week 25
~ Oh My Back!

I've been busy planning an FRG halloween event, which took place on Friday. The week had been pretty uneventful until Wednesday when I started having a lot of lower back pain and cramping like I was on my period. That kept me awake quite a bit during the night. During the day I just rested and instead of the pain, I was sick to my stomach and got a headache. Ugh!

Thursday the cramping kept getting worse. At one point it made my eyes water. I was on post for a meeting but I called the OB clinic to speak with a nurse. They wanted to see me, though our clinic usually makes patients after 20 weeks go to the hospital they'll be delivering at. (Ours no longer delivers babies.) They monitored me but couldn't find any contractions. Each time I felt a cramp I told them and they said it wasn't showing up. They checked my cervix. He said I was 70% closed and at 3 or 4 station. I have NO IDEA what that means but he said that's normal and I'm closed just fine. He concluded that my pubic bone was rubbing together and that was my pain and that it would only get worse throughout the end of the pregnancy.

Well on Friday he called and asked if I was still cramping. I said yes and I was confused about it being my bone rubbing together when it occurs as I'm sitting or lying down. He said my urine came back as contaminated and he wanted to put me on Macrobid. He said I didn't have an infection, but he wanted to make sure. So...I got my meds.

Halloween!Friday night was our FRG event. It was stressful but everyone enjoyed being a part of it. I wore my most favorite costume, which should show up in this post. I found the shirt online at I wanted something different than the typical preggo costumes. This was perfect! (It's not my best pic . . . I actually hate it, but it shows my shirt. I was working so hard setting up decor in a room with no AC and I never had a chance to touch up my makeup, so there I am . . . all swollen and puffy and sweaty! LOL)

It seems sleeping is becoming more and more difficult, even with a pillow wedge. I just can't seem to find a position that doesn't hurt my hips and back. The therapy I'm doing is nice, but I have yet to see results. I assume that's because as I get bigger, the pain naturally worsens so it's all pointless. I'm starting water therapy next week and I'm looking forward to it. I actually might start up my YMCA membership again just to go swimming for my joints and for much needed exercise. Walking hurts with my back. I feel OLD!!! Ugh!

Well, next week I see the Cardiologist about that heart monitor, though I doubt he'll say much seeing as that day I had no occurences with my heart racing . . . of course! LOL

Take care and feel free to write!

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