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Week 26
~ Where Oh Where Did My Energy Go?

This week has been crazy. I can tell my ligaments are looser because I am in a bit more pain when I walk. I started water therapy and it felt so good! I'm getting my YMCA membership back so I can swim and exercise. I'm finding that I'm staying home and eating everything, so if I go to the Y, then there's no food and I'll be working out . . . and alleviating pain.

Monday was really bad. I woke up at 1 am with horrible back pain, but it slowly died down and I went back to sleep. It came and went three more times and I finally realized that this was some sort of back labor braxton hicks. Ugh! Is this a prelude to what's coming soon? Yep, probably so. I had back labor with Cadence and I was told it would probably be with this one, too. Oh well . . . I'm getting the drugs.

I'm starting to get nauseous at night so Zofran has become my friend again. I don't know why, but it hits me and ugh.

Wednesday was pretty cool. Alex woke me up at 4:30am kicking me. I think he might have had a party and invited others to join in. Well, he kicked so much that I didn't go back to sleep. When I was getting Cadence ready for school I grabbed her hand and put it on my belly--she felt him kick for the first time! She smiled SO big and laughed and giggled; it was a wonderful moment for both of us.

The cardiologist said my heart does pump fast and they diagnosed with me with Sinus Tachycardia which isn't bad. Just means my heart is normal but races from time to time. Pregnancy just makes it feel worse. They did an echo while I was there, but it showed nothing abnormal. I thought I had mitral valve prolapse. I was 'diagnosed' at age 17. The nurse was saying that years ago they didn't diagnose properly . . . long explanation. Anyway, my heart is good! YAY.

My dad got admitted to the hospital this week, which kept my mind running and stressed. His bp was 75/42 and his white blood count was .08. They aren't releasing him until next week. I wish I could be there, but with Cadence in school, it's hard to have her miss so much. Plus, the drive gets to me, especially with having to pee about every 30 minutes. That makes a 6 hour drive closer to 8.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great end to their October. November, I pray, brings wonderful things!

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