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Rose's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 29 - 31
~ How Time Flies!

I haven't written in a while . . . oops! I promise I'm ok, but I am overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like your red superwoman cape fell off somewhere? Mine did. I swear I had one! It's gone now and things are piling up. I'm the FRG leader for the company, director and secretary of my neighborhood association, full-time Master's student, high-risk pregnancy, dealing with my father's terminal cancer and my mother who is struggling to remain calm, wife, mother, housekeeper. Yeah, somewhere in there my cape fell off.

I can't quite remember all the details from the past three weeks, but I do know Thanksgiving happened. We went to Kentuck to be with Steven's family for a few days and meet his new niece. Boy she's a darling! She's 6 weeks old, sleeps through the night, barely ever cries and does nothing but SMILE at people!!! Oh my gosh this girl doesn't know how amazingly blessed and lucky she is to have this perfect child. Her husband is deployed to Afghanistan so she more than deserves a good baby. All I know is mine didn't sleep through the night until . . . last week! LOL

We also went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving where I saw my dad for the first time since Chemo. It was hard to see him. He's never looked old to me (he'll be 62 in April) and this time he did. He's bald and he's lost quite a bit of weight and his eyes just aren't bright. It's awful. But, we still managed to have a good time and make memories. I also saw my brother's daughter who is also about 6 weeks old. Our family is booming with babies.

The pain in my back is still horrendous, but I find that if I sit on the couch all day then I have no pain. I stand up to do dishes and there it goes! And once it's there, it doesn't go away. It really really stinks! And there's a new pain. It's almost in my ribs, but under my right breast and it feels like a sharp pushing, tingling, burning/cold pain. Not gas. Not a kick. I don't know what it is but it hurts so much! I also notice it hurts about the same time my back pain is sharp. I'm wondering if it's related to one another. Maybe something pulling wrong. I sometimes feel it on my left side, but I don't have left back pain. It's weird. I just know that my body does not like being pregnant. It didn't the first time, and it proved it with three miscarriages and now with this guy.

Little man is still breech. I can actually feel his head, which is pretty cool since I never felt anything with Cadence let alone body parts. He moves around like it's nothing for him. This morning it felt like he was jumping up and down (which is side to side in my belly). Almost like when you shake a bottle side to side. It was really fast. I have a feeling this boy will be one big handful!

I've had quite a few people say there's no way I'll make it to the end of January--I hope not. I'm about to start week 32 and several weeks ago I dreamt I had him 8 weeks early, which is 32 weeks. So all next week I'll be questioning my pains. LOL I know it's too early but I feel like my insides (belly and back) are being ripped open. Ugh . . . I'm having a hard time sitting here writing because those belly/back pains are so sharp. I had to run two errands at two different stores and just that little bit got me in a tizzy. I'm supposed to have friends over tonight so I'm worried I won't be much fun. I'll figure it out. I do wish I could have a stiff drink, though. Have I mentioned that I crave alcohol? I have a frat boy in me! Sheesh! Just like his daddy. He was a Kappa Sigma and I a Sigma Kappa . . . yes that's cute, I know. LOL

Oh . . . I was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes. She said I'm glucose intolerant. She rags on my weight (which is up to 245--40 lb gain) and so she made me start testing my blood sugar four times a day. It's high at least once a day, but not the scary high (200) where I need to rush to the docs. I am trying to watch what I eat but a salad makes me gag. This kid wants junk . . . pure junk. I can't wait to get back to where I was a few years ago. When my husband got home from Iraq in January 2009, I weighed 170 lbs. Still 'big' for me but looks great! I kept saying I was fat . . . and then I did get fat. The stressors of that year and this pushed me to a weight of 205. I got a job, bought a house, had a miscarriage, put my dog down, lost my job . . . and then didn't get pregnant for another year which stressed me out. I, of course, ate a lot. Bummer. Oh well. I will get back to a healthy weight. I gained 80 lbs with Cadence and I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I'll do it again but this time I will STAY at that healthy weight.

I guess that's all for now. I have a doc appt next week. I'll report back with that checkup.

God Bless,

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