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Week 32
~ Wow...32?!

Have I really survived this far? I'm blessed to know Alex has. I'm more sure every day that he will be the end cap to our family. I have my princess and now my prince . . . the kingdom is complete! Part of me is saddened because I wanted four children, but my body does not like it. I'm not healthy enough, plus there are physical issues that are beyond my control.

I had such a rough pregnancy with Cadence, and this one has its cons as well. Thankfully this one hasn't been as bad as hers, but it's still enough to know that I just can't do it. God bless the women who can. Plus, I want to give each of my children the best possible life and life experiences as possible, so the more kids I have, the less I can provide for each.

Anyway, I saw the doctor this week. Because of my gestational diabetes, I have to see her weekly. Next week, though, there wasn't room on the schedule so it'll be two weeks, then weekly. She said my glucose numbers are looking ok, but are still borderline where they'd like. If I can't control the numbers, then they will give me an insulin pill of some sort. Hopefully I won't need that. Sometimes I'll eat amazing all day and still have high numbers, but I've been told that sometimes the blood levels just don't stay stable even with eating healthy.

She said that she's fine with letting me go until 41 weeks, unless I'm on meds, then we'll induce about 39 because not only will he probably be big, but something about the placenta getting old from the glucose. I think I'll go early, but we'll see.

The ultrasound looks good; he's about 4 and a half pounds, which is the 60th percentile. From this information, I redid the already packed diaper bag with a few 0-3 months clothes because he might not fit into the newborn ones. If they normally now gain 1/2 lb per week, then yeah, he'll be big. Ugh! Cadence was only 6 lbs and I ripped and had an episiotomy. I can't imagine bigger. Lord help my . . . area! LOL

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

God Bless . . .

PS- Alex is no longer breech and is head down! And . . . yay! . . . the pain in my upper back is gone. The hip area is worse though when I get out of bed at night. I have a system of holding onto everything in order to push myself up. But, I can at least keep my house in check and do stuff without my upper back wreaking havoc. So glad he turned . . . guess that was the problem as my chiropractor and therapist suggested.

Ok . . . till next time!

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