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Week 33
~ Busy!

Oh wow . . . preparing for the end of a school term and the Holidays . . . man I'm beat!

I put together some gingerbread houses in preparation for my daughter's classroom party this week. It was fun to sit in a tiny child's chair and hot glue graham crackers together--but only because I was doing that with other ladies and having good conversation. The chair, though, caused my back to start hurting. Thankfully it didn't last long after I got home. Since Alex isn't breech anymore, that pain hasn't been an issue much. Praise God!

I had to finish up my past due homework this week. I've never asked for extensions, but I had to the past two weeks because I was so behind. It seems I actually take the time to nap or just sit and veg and life takes on the image of a 20 car pile up.

I went to a Holiday Party with my husband's work; it's the entire Brigade for those Army people reading, so it was a big ball thing. I looked pretty cute I must say. Wore the same outfit as my baby shower. Figured I paid $100 for the outfit so I might as well wear it twice. It MIGHT look cute later on, but I plan on it being too big because this mama is going to lose this weight for good.

I've been focusing on my weight a lot. I gained like 80 lbs with my daughter and lost pretty much all of it within a year and a half or so. I kept saying I was still fat because I wasn't in my old jeans and the scale didn't say what it did before. But I saw some pics of me and I look as thin as I did in college--maybe thinner! What the HECK was wrong with me?! Oh why do we do this to ourselves?! I have promised myself that when I lose the weight (and I'm talking a lot more than preggo weight because I started off having gained back most of the weight I lost with Cadence), I will KEEP it off and I will be PROUD of the body I have. Mind you a tummy tuck is in the works, but that's a whole other story. I needed one prior to children. If you're reading this and curious, just write.

Well, anyhow . . . at the ball I was having a lot of cramps. I've been cramping quite a bit lately. My upper abdomen and then my pelvis and some back cramps, too. Nothing horrible, but enough to catch my attention. I have also had lots of loose BMs. Yep, this means something is working that I'm VERY ready for. Yay for my body doing it right--and early! Seeing as I typically submit these on the weekend but this one is late, I've already talked to the doctor, today in fact, and have news . . . but I won't reveal that until next entry.

I'm hoping I don't have until January 29th . . . I'm ready to evict now! (Yes, I know he's not ready, but you know how you feel when there's just a few weeks left!)

God Bless,

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