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Week 34
~ Good News!

So this week was stressful because I have been planning and hosting a FRG Holiday Party. It was Monday night and I worked all day prepping the hall and stressing over...well, tiny things. Hormones and all the stuff I had to do, it was just too much. Things are getting harder because my brain is exhausted and of course my body is becoming more and more exhausted. It turned out well, but I'm so glad it's over.

Alright, so Tuesday I went to the OB and told her I've felt some contractions and my (TMI WARNING) stool has been really soft. Even with the prenatal vitamins and the Iron I'm on....soft isn't the norm. So she checked me and I am PROUD to say that I am dilated about a fingertip and I am soft. Woot!! I'm stoked. It's good to know that all the cramps I've had were actually doing something. No point of pain if it doesn't do anything. Sort of like when it's really really should snow. LOL

Well, the week went on and the night before Christmas Eve I started cramping really bad. It seemed that I was feeling cramps/back pain every two minutes. It started about 10:30pm and after three hours, it was the same. I was really tired and tried to go to bed. I figured if it was real, I'd wake up in more pain and then I'd hit up the L&D department. Well, they went on all night and all Christmas Eve. I didn't want to go in to get checked because I was afraid they would keep me and it would ruin the day. We had friends coming over for dinner and then we'd do our traditional family thing.

I woke up Christmas Day and realized I wasn't cramping anymore, but when I walked . . . OH MY! I think those cramps/contractions were scooting Alex down into the canal. Man alive I have horrid pains in the you know what. LOL I go in next week to get checked so I'll see if he's further down. This week he was there, but she said his head moved when she felt so he wasn't engaged.

Hope you all had a great Christmas/Holiday and I'll be writing again soon.

God Bless,

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