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Week 35
~ Happy New Year!

As I write today, it is the last day of 2010. I can't believe this year has come and gone so fast, and I can't believe I'm about to have a baby in just a few weeks. I feel blessed, and extremely ready for January!

If he happens to come tomorrow he'll be born 1/1/11, or he can come on 1/11/11 . . . I have a better chance of the 11th than tomorrow. Though, you never know!!! Maybe I should go jump on my daughter's trampoline. I've already lifted heavy totes in the garage, and I feel my belly tightening.

So I got a pressure washer and shelves for Christmas. Romantic, I know. Apparently he tried to get me a massage but no one wants to be liable for a 9 month preggo lady. But he said I can have that for Valentine's Day. I'm getting the Full Monty--all day and I want to walk out feeling like a noodle!!!

I went to the doc this week and she said that I'm even more soft and his head is farther down, but I'm not dilated anymore than a fingertip. Bummer. It seems that next week she'll put me on the diabetic medicine (she said there's a pill versus a shot). This means baby will get really big and I'll probably be induced at 39 weeks if I don't go prior. I don't want an induction!!! I want the whole...hey honey, it's time...scenario. I didn't get that with my daughter because I was induced. Plus, I want to feel it slowly come on instead of BAM you're in labor. But, I'll deal with whatever I'm given. She did say, though, that if I come in at 37 or 38 weeks and am dilated about 2cm, she'll strip my membranes and I should go into labor within a day or so. She said that when she strips, she does a really good job. I'm excited to hear this!'s really getting close.

There isn't much to report other than that. I of course can't get much sleep thanks to my hips hurting, my crotch hurting, can't roll and turn over, can't breathe thanks to my sinuses, and always having to pee. LOL I'm ready to have him out. I may not sleep any more, but at least I can get on my stomach!!! REALLY looking forward to moving without a big pumpkin belly in my way.

I hope everyone has a great New year!

God Bless,

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