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Week 9
~ Catching Up

Hello everyone! I'm going to catch you up from my last entry today.

Let's talk numbers first. My LMP was April 24th, which makes me 9 weeks and 1 day and due 29 January. Because I'm getting ultrasounds weekly, they've, of course, been measuring baby. He (I'm just guessing!) has measured small therefore my due date was pushed out almost two weeks into February. My last ultrasound was a few days ago and he had pretty much caught up to my LMP. That scan showed me due 4 February. My doctor said since it's so close, we'll just go with my LMP in terms of how far along I am. SO, I am 9 weeks . . . a few more until I'm in the next phase of pregnancy.

The morning (a.k.a. "all-day") sickness has subsided greatly! And I'm getting a bit of energy back as well. My in-laws were here this week and they were great help in terms of yard work. My husband's job is very busy as he takes on a new role and my extreme lethargy left me to care less about the yard. My house was decent for them, but I'm sort of a neat freak. I like things in their place. I'm the person that is ALWAYS cleaning. I'm always picking up toys, wiping down counters, doing laundry . . . you know, the normal things that have to be done around a house. But I go a bit extreme from what I've been told. I once read a great analogy for why pregnant women are so tired in their first trimester. It said that just as a marathon runner is exhausted when finished, our body is in the process of a marathon run. With so much rapid growing going on inside of us, it's no wonder we're so tired. It's hard to grow a human!

Let's talk physical changes now. Oh the joy! I'm not the skinniest girl around and my body isn't the best. I've had numerous surgeries on my abdomen, so I have NO muscle to hold back the growing uterus and baby. I feel as though I am 5 months preggo. I showed early with my daughter, too. I was skinny back then and had a cute bump . . . until the preeclampsia set it and I was swollen like a puffer fish! I'm noticing some water retention in my face now. I do not like it. BUT, I do like that I'm pregnant and baby is healthy and growing well--so I'll get over it. I'm older and much wiser than when I had my daughter. I was on bed rest in another country, with no support, so I ate. Swelling and eating do not mix! I gained 80 lbs. I lost it all within 2 years of having her, but . . . ahem . . . some of weight found me again. Darn! SO, this time, I'm doing my best to eat healthy and when I do want junk, I eat very little. I will work hard after 'he' is born to get back into my healthy weight. But part of being a mom means loving your body because every weight-gain and stretch mark and saggy tummy just means you've created a miracle!

Baby's heartbeat was 167bpm last week, which was great. It was audible this time around, but still faint. Such a calming sound. I have one of those headphone sets you can use on yourself, but it doesn't work until about 12 weeks, I believe. Or maybe 20. Hmm, not sure. But I remember using it with Cadence and falling asleep to her heartbeat. It's a wonderful sound.

Well, I think I've written enough for now. To those of you who are reading this: thank you. I hope you find something beneficial from my journey. Maybe you are trying to conceive, in your first pregnancy and feeling a bit timid, or even if you have five children and feel I'm the timid new mom here. Welcome to my journey! Feel free to e-mail me.

God Bless,

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